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Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>

Fellow researchers,

As have many of the enormously knowledgeable members of this group I have
been doing research on my and my wife's families for many years. I
have charts that cannot be pinned up anywhere because there is no wall long
enough to carry them.

I have used resources all over the U S and the world. But the most
important thing was not the chart but the knowledge that the search brought
to me and our families. I beseech our mayvens not to do the search for our
new posters but to guide them in the ways to do their own searches so that
they too can have the pleasure of finding what they thought was not
findable. It is terrific to tap into someone else's tree and thereby add
many names to your tree but that does not bring you to your family's
gravestones where unknown information turns up or learning where your family
davened and going there 100 years later. A friend found that her mother's
family is related to the Rokeach family and she therefore added thousands of
names to her tree. There is no way she can even type in all those names.
To find family birth or death or marriage certificates written in Europe in
Polish or Russian and getting them translated are thrills unimagined. When
you invest in your search by buying a book on Russian, Polish or just plain
Jewish names or locating your previously unknown shtetlach or reading a
Yizkor Book of your shtetl, you have made a huge investment in your own and
your families' history.

Joe Fibel

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