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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Micheline Gutmann, Paris writes: "Have you heard of Baron Albert de BIEDERMANN,
son of Jacob, born Pesth in 1844? He was an engineer involved in the
realisation of the canal of Suez. He then went to Vienna and later to France
where he was naturalized in 1897. He was ennobled by the Emperor Francis

We learn furthermore >from Micheline, that Albert's daughter is now 94 years old
and wishes to know more about her family. Could Jacob be a son of the famous
Michel Lazar BIEDERMANN? Jacob's wife was a Miss SINGER of a rich family of
Pressburg-Bratislava. [see my footnote please re time-line conundrum]

The Biedermann tree is a complex one with cousin marriages etc and it is very
likely that this is the same branch as the Pressburg/Vienna BIEDERMANN.

The link *could be* through the BREISACH family originally >from Eisenstadt and
then Pest - see where were read of the BREISACH [from
Pest] link with the BIEDERMANN. This link is missing >from Randy Schoenberg's
on-line tree - with which I know Micheline is familiar, but my end-of-year
*guess* is that I am probably correct!

Why am I interested in the BIEDERMANN? Well, they link to my family tree too,
through Rosalie FREISTADT, whose grave I have visited in Wahringerfriedhof,
Vienna. She was the mother-in-law of my grgrgr uncle Leon BIACH, born 1806 in
Pressburg! Leon was the brother of my gtgt grandfather, Emanuel BIACH born
Pressburg 1802. Hayum Lob FREISTADT BIEDERMANN was Rosalie's uncle - confused?

Don't worry - it is all in here:

Please note that on Randy's tree Hirsch BIEDERMANN marries a Nina PREISACH [no
parents given!] but in the book reference I have given, Hermann BIEDERMANN
[1774-1816] marries a BREISACH - daughter of Isak BREISACH, 1758-1835.

Coincidence? No - they are obviously *one and the same*. Randy should now be
able to link the BIEDERMANN and BREISACH families. A Budapest archival search
is absolutely essential.

As I know the BIACH/FREISTADT descendants in person in the UK, Israel and USA,
this tree comes to life, so I feel a degree of connection! The
SINGER-BIEDERMANN link mentioned by Micheline intrigues me greatly too, as I
know of rich SINGER >from Vienna linked to my WOTTITZ {>from Pressburg} tree
through the MONATH LEMBERGER family >from Ostrau, Moravia and Pressburg. I have
not studied this wealthy SINGER family, but I do know that their genealogy has
been researched.

I hope I have made a small step in solving a mystery and perhaps opened the
door to making a 94-year old lady happy in 2008!

Celia Male [U.K.]

PS: re the Suez Canal project: was this delightful old lady of 94, who is so
interested in her genealogy, really born when Albert was nearly 70 or does the
1844 birth date refer to Jakob [Albert's father]?

If 1844 is the birth date of Jakob, Albert could not have been involved in
building the Suez Canal. Perhaps Jakob was the young engineer?

Abt 1854 — Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps, created the "Compagnie Universelle du
Canal Maritime de Suez". Apr 1859 — The French were officially allowed to begin
the canal construction. Nov 1869 — The Suez Canal opens to shipping.

This conundrum vies with the genealogical puzzle in its complexity.

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