Tarnow records update #poland

Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

I am very pleased to announce the availability of more vital records
from Tarnow, now online through the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

There are two sets of Tarnow records online: those transcribed from
the LDS microfilms, and later years that were purchased >from the
Polish State Archives (PSA). There are significant additions to both
of these sets of records.

For the LDS microfilm years, generally 1808 - 1870, these newly added
records represent missing years >from the work that was done a few years
ago by our dedicated group of volunteers, and completes the
transcription of those records available on LDS microfilms 0742702,
0948420, 0948421, and 0948422. This latest work adds Birth records
from for 1825 - 1831, and Death records >from 1848 - 1855. This brings
the total number of Tarnow extracts online >from these LDS microfilms
to over 31000. Because there is no register index for these records
there is no other way to locate people short of examining each record
on the microfilms.

For the PSA data, which previously covered the years up through 1899,
we have added the records spanning 1900 - 1904. These records now
number over 21000.

In both sets of data there are also several corrections that have been
made based on errata analysis and feedback over the past few years,
followed by a re-examination of some of the records.

I would especially like to thank Leonard Schneider for locating the
sections that were missing >from our original LDS microfilm effort.

Please contact me if you would like information about other Tarnow
projects, including School records and nearby towns like Brzesko,
Czchow, Dabrowa Tarnowska, Radlow, Szczucin, Wojnicz and Zabno.

Howard Fink
Tarnow Shtetl Coordinator
Tarnow PSA Coordinator

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