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Sarah L Meyer

Shalom Alan,
I have only one comment that would pertain to Poland in general,
rather than the one school that you have studied. This was pre-WWI but
the "winds of war" were blowing and Poland was not a good place for the
Jews. This is the time frame that my mother's Polish Jewish family left
Poland, at first for Antwerp and then for the US. The siblings (from
both her mother's and father's sides) decided en masse to leave Poland.
Some came to the US, others went to Palestine (now Israel) and others
went to Argentina. But in general they all left Poland around then. In
fact my Zeidi and Bubbe had left for Antwerp (which they really liked),
but they decided that it was better to leave Europe. Because in 1913
when my zeidi came to the US, my Bubbe was 8 months pregnant with my
mother, she and my uncle returned to Warsaw for her to be with her
mother when she had the baby. They were caught by WWI and managed to
leave in 1916 when the Germans lifted the siege of Warsaw long enough to
let the women and children leave. They almost did not let my uncle
leave as he at the tender age of 9 was almost draftable!

Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown, Texas
Researching Perlstadt, Karmelek, Ank(i)er, Bigos, Szpilman, Wagner from


Subject: 1912/13 Students Leaving Early
From: "Alan Weiser" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 08:50:25 -0400
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During my development of a data base of students in a Kolomyya
secondary school I found that a large number were leaving before the
school year ended. Students were mainly in Classes I through III,
ages about 11 to 13 years old, but some in higher Classes were leaving
early also.. Students were leaving in late 1912 and early 1913.
Does anyone have an explanation for this early exodus? War, pogroms,
epidemic, other? It was a mixture of religions, Jewish and Catholic,
that were leaving early.

In records of earlier years this information on leaving early was
not recorded, so it is possible that such early leavings was not only
common for 1912/13 school year.

Alan Weiser
Silver Spring, MD USA

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