Question about additional note in birth record and where to go from here #poland

Renee Stevens <brstevens@...>

I am carefully examining the birth records that I just received >from AGAD.
These include birth records of my father, his brothers and some of his

I just noticed that none of these records have an entry for the father,
however, in the entry for mother they list her name, her husband's
name as well as the names of her parents. There is a phrase in there that
reads something like "wolna zanieszkata wspolnie z handlarzem" (sorry about
the spelling as I am disadvantaged both by the inability to read Polish and
the challenge of deciphering the handwriting).

On 2 of the records, that of my father >from 1896 and his younger brother
from 1901), there is an addendum in the section entitled " Uwaga/ Anmerkung".
The addendums are each dated on the same date in 1924 and, in effect, state
that the child was to go >from the surname Wolf (my grandmother's surname)
to Glattstein (my grandfather's surname). I get that, even without being
able to read the Polish annotation. Here are my questions,

1. At that time (1924), there were two other surviving brothers, yet there
is no comparable annotation on their birth records. Any thoughts about this

2. The annotation refers to some event in 1922 with an associated number
(4366/22). Could this have been a marriage record for my grandparents that
allowed them to have the surnames of their children changed on their birth

3. My father's father, Szymon Glattstein, died in 1908. Any thoughts about
the time lag between his death, this yet-unknown certificate dated 1922, and
the formal change in the birth records of two of the four brothers?

On a related subject, I have been trying to find out more information about
my father's father, Szymon Glattstein, and had hoped that the birth records
of his children may show his birth place and names of his parents.
Unfortunately, they do not. This is the little that I do know and would
appreciate your thoughts, suggestions about where to go >from here.

- Name of Szymon's (Schlomo Shimon) father: Israel
- Living in Zniesienie >from 1891 until his death in 1908
- Had several brothers, but my father didn't remember their names and
had no recollection of ever meeting them. Suggests that there was a rift in
the family.
- Likely to have come >from some other town to Zniesienie before 1890 but
don't know which town.

Many thanks
Renee Glattstein Stevens
Bethesda, MD

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