Searching For Documentation About My G-G-G-Grandfather #poland

Stanley and Shelda Sandler

I am searching for documentation about the father and the siblings of my
G-G-Grandfather, Aron Isak (aka "Arnitcha" and "Itsche") APTOWITZER (married
to Rojze, maiden name unknown). Aron Isak Aptowitzer's mother's name was
Feige (maiden name unknown). I do not know the name of Aron Isak's father.
The family lived in the town of Zborow in Tarnopol province, Galicia.

According to oral family history, Aron Isak APTOWITZER had a brother named
Benzion and at least seven other siblings, names unknown. JRI-Poland lists
many Aptowitzer records >from Tarnopol province and >from the town of Zborow.
I can identify the records >from my Aptowitzer branch; however, I cannot
identify the other Aptowitzers for whom records exist.

I recently found a death record for a BENZION APTOWITZER who died and was
buried in Zloczow. According to that document, Benzion was >from Zborow.
Benzion's parents are named as NATHANA NUTE and FEIGE APTOWITZER. I would
like to think that this Feige is the mother of both Aron Isak and of
Benzion, then I would know that I had found Aron Isak's brother and the name
of my G-G-G-Grandfather. Realistically, I believe Feige is too common a
name to draw these conclusions.

To make the puzzle more intriguing, there is a CHAIM NUTE FISCHER in my
Aptowitzer family, a grandson of Aron Isak and Rojze APTOWITZER. Chaim Nute
Fischer came to America and Americanized his name to NATHAN. I am wondering
whether this could be a clue that Aron Isak's father's name may have been
Nathana Nute, the same as the father of Benzion Aptowitzer? I have no
documentation or oral history to confirm or deny this "clue."

What I believe I need and have not been able to locate, is a Galician
document similar to a US Census which would name the parents and all the
children. Does anyone know where I can locate such a document if, indeed,
it exists? My best "guesstimate" is that such a document would have to go
back to the early 1800's.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can search in order to find some

Shelda Sandler
Springfield, PA

Also researching: BACHIN/BAKHIN and
Mogilev Gubernia, Russia (now Belarus); APTOWITZER (APTOVITZ/APT),
province, Galicia (now Ukraine); LUDZKI/LODZKI >from the town of Zgierz in
Lodz province in Russ-Poland, and GERZBERG, KARTOWSKY/KARTOVSKY, NAJFELD and
SZAJMAN >from Russ-Poland

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