Translation Help - Request - INDYK - Wiskitki #poland

Robyn Dryen

I have just received 5 marriage certificates and one birth
certificate >from the Grodzisk Branch of the Polish Archives. They all
relate to my INDYK family >from Wiskitki and date >from 1877 to 1897.
They are all in old Cyrillic and the copies are of variable quality.
The marriage partners are FRYDRYCH, LACHMAN and BEREK.

As Viewmate is currently off-line I am wondering if anyone would be
kind enough to assist me with translations. I am able to send in
either graphic format or in PDF.

I would be very grateful for any assistance. Please email me directly


Robyn Dryen
Sydney, Australia

Searching: INDYK - Wiskitki and Zyrardow; LACHMAN - Wiskitki; KRUPA -
Lowicz and Grabow; HERSKOWICZ - Lowicz; DRUKER - Piatek

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