Seeking info on KAPLAN and HIMELFARB from Grodno and Montreal #poland

Robert Rothenberg <robrwo@...>

My ggf, Morris Kaplan (1887?-1961), emigrated >from Grodno about 1912 to
New York via Montreal (where there were supposedly many relatives).

He married Fanny Himmelfarb (we think in 1909) and they had five children:
Sonia (my gm, 1910-72), Lillie (1912-78), Irving (1914-57), Harry (1917-?)
and Paul (b. 1924).

Fanny (1889-1971) had a sister named Beckie (1894-75) and two brothers
(whose names we do not know). Their father was named David (1845-1925 or
1929). Beckie also came to the US, and was married to Jacob Levitt.

Family lore is that Morris was drafted into the Russian army to serve in
Siberia. He got sick and went back west to recover. He married my ggm (Fanny
Himelfarb, possibly >from Grodno as well) about 1909, and was told he had to
return to the army since he was well enough to marry. They both left the
country separately (my ggm using her maiden name), though after at least my
gm Sonia was born.

Family lore is also that David Himelfarb was (or his father was) a head
rabbi in Grodno, and that he had a brother or cousin who was mayor of a town
in the area when the Nazis occupied the area.

I'm wondering if any of this sounds familiar to anyone on the list. I've not
found anything conclusive on the JRI-Poland indices or web searches, so
advice on where else to look would also be helpful.

Robert Rothenberg
Edinburgh, Scotland (orig. New York, US)

Also looking for information on:
PAKULA and MARKOWITZ (Tomoszow M. and Opochne), ROTHENBERG (Tarnow), MORSON
(Krasnik and Warsaw) and KARPINER (Warsaw).

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