Birth Records #poland


I hired a researcher to look up my Grandfather's family in Lomza.
She came up with lots of things: one being the marriage of my Great
Aunt Syma Cymes to a Chaim Nysko Achramowicz on October 11,1904.

She also found the birth record of Chaim which she sent me, written
in Cyrillic. Her translation indicates that he was born on Feb 15,
1886 but on the JRI Poland site it indicates he was born in 1898
akt #8. All of the information is the same as the certificate she
translated. >from what she sent me he was born on Feb 15, 1886 but
the birth wasn't registered until January 24, 1898 AKT #8.

It seems strange to me that the births (he also had a twin sister
according to the JRI-Poland site) were not registered until 2
years later. Was this customary? This seems very strange to me.
I thought she had sent me a bogus record but her translation gives
Chaim's father as the same name as on JRIPOLAND.

Any answers?
Meryl Rizzotti

MODERATOR'S NOTE: In the search results >from the JRI-Poland database,
the year given is the year of registration. This can reflect a
registration delayed >from a few days to a dozen years or more. Delayed
registration, especially of births, was not uncommon.

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