Eva Dattel Bride and groom #poland


I have posted the wedding picture of our family member Eva DATTEL, with the
caption of "Do you recognize ", Viewmate 12974. The picture was taken
in the London area between 1939 to 1945. We have no information about the
groom, except that he was a British soldier. It is evident after our many
searches that Eva probably entered the UK with a different name. It may
have been necessary for her to assume this new identity to escape the
Nazis, and travel through many countries in Europe to secure her freedom.

The direct link to this image is:

Eva may not have followed the Jewish religion for reasons of safety so
perhaps her husband was not Jewish. She may have passed on as she would be
in her late 80s or early 90s at this time. However if anyone does
recognize the picture please contact us. If Eva had any children , they
might be alive and living in the UK or perhaps they moved to another

We would just like to know that they are well and tell them they have
family in the United States if they would like to communicate with us.

If the family did not follow life as Jews, then they probably did not
have much contact with Jewishgen. But, perhaps someone will recognize this

Any response would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa.
United States

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