Jewish Records Indexing - Poland / Polish State Archives #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear fellow researchers:

At the IAJGS conference in Philadelphia earlier this month,
we made an announcement concerning the renewal of
cooperation between Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
and the Polish State Archives.

We told those in attendance that a new indexing project
and the re-institution of an order processing system are
both under discussion.

While it may be possible to have a new agreement in
place by early next year, there are many points to be
clarified and negotiated. As a result, there could be a
considerable delay in resuming both the indexing of
records and the order-processing system.

Therefore, should you be interested in ordering records
from the Polish State Archives, please note the
following two options:

1) You can immediately order records >from the appropriate
branch of the Polish State Archives. See the suggested
procedure at, or

2) You can wait until the new JRI-Poland order processing
system goes online and then order the records using
a system that we expect will be far more streamlined
and will not require payment by costly bank transfers.

When there are more definite developments, we will let you
all know.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director
For the Board of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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