Locating Yad Vashem Submitters for Traw from Rozniatov #poland

Raanan Wlosko

Hello all

Recently I found a search bureau of the Jewish Agency for Israel
for missing relatives filled by my maternal grandmother about 50
years ago.

The search result in the early 1950s was negative.
The names that my GM was looking for were Mordehai and Ester Traw
from Rozniatov, children of Israel Traw.
The exact relation was not mentioned.
I found 2 Yad Vashem Testimony pages for Israel Traw >from Rozniatov,
the submitters were Mordechai and Ester.
Unfortunately I failed to locate them, I doubt if they still with us
but maybe their children are.
To my best knowledge no one of my GM family survived WWII, it's a
chance to rediscover the family.
Any help concerning locating the submitters will appreciated

Thank you
Raanan wlosko

Pleas contact

Tieger, Ludmer,=A0 Redish or Redicsh, Perl, Feier, Juran >from Galicia
Perl >from Vienna.
Juran >from Magdeburg

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