Problem with research - BIEDA family #poland


We have been doing research on my wife's family and have found literally
nothing. Her father Henryk (Herschel) Tzvi Bieda was born in Kamiensk and
moved with his parents Moishe Eliezar Bieda and Chana Bieda nee Wolfowicz to
Warsaw when he was very young. He was born in either 1913 or 1916. His
father perished in Warsaw before the war and he was the lone survivor. We do
not know where is parents were >from and I have pulled LDS records without
much luck. I know that there were a lot of Bieda's ( we know what the name
means) in Lodz which is relatively close to Kamiensk. I also know that it
was a common name in Czestochowa. I know of one other Bieda family in
Florida who was >from Lodz but his grandparents refuse to talk about
anything. The Wolfowicz side might be >from Czestochowa or Mstow because I
have spoken with some Wolfowicz's that moved >from Mstow to Czestochowa to
Warsaw. I am hoping that someone >from the your group might be able to give
some suggestions.

Thank You,

Ken and Ann Rothstein

Family also >from Zdunska Wola:

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