Re: reverse JRI-PL indexes of LDS films? #poland

Nicole Heymans <nheymans@...>

If you select data type = "any field" and enter the film number the
results window will give you the number of records (assuming the film
number was entered in the db). However clicking on the "List n
records >from ....." button produces an error message "you cannot
search for microfilm numbers". But at least this procedure should
inform you whether the film of interest to you has been indexed or
not. (And if not, you might consider offering to index it....)

Nicole Heymans, Brussels, Belgium

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The best way to find out whether particular LDS
films have been indexed is to check the "Your Town" pages, which
include the status of indexing for LDS films as well as records
in the Polish State Archive.

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