Marriage entry -Russian translation request #poland

Neil Stone <neilmstone@...>

(this is a repeat of earlier posting which implied the text was
Polish -it is Russian)

I have posted two images of my great-Aunt's marriage in Poland in 1889
on Jewishgen Viewmate. I would appreciate translation of this
document. If anyone has the time to translate it in full that would
be wonderful, but otherwise the essential details of names, locations,
parents. This is a reposting as I previously received little response,
perhaps due to holidays.

There is some uncertainty about the pronunciation of the bride's
mother's maiden name (Marnugewicz, Markusewicz, Marigrewicz ??) so any
insight on that would also be appreciated.

The links are:

The documents can also be viewed at
(use the magnify button at the top-right if necessary)

Many thanks in advance

Neil Stone
Radlett, UK

LUPINSKI, Siedlce, Poland
LUPINSKI, Poland/London
FUNK, Polangen, Lithuania
LIPSITZ, Tourrigen/Riga, Latvia
HENRY, Southwark, London
CARAS, Iasi, Romania
HALPERN, Brody, Galicia

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