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Hi Blanche:

You will find many vital record indices for your family names in the
JRI-Poland online database.

At, there is a spreadsheet
showing which records are available for towns in eastern Galicia including
the registration towns of Stzreliska Nowe and Swirz. Strzeliska Stary
records were registered in Strzeliska Nowe and Tuchne (Tuczna) records were
registered in Swirz. Wojciechowice records were registered in Przemyslany,
but some appear in Swirz. Although some Jewish vital records for Przemyslany
survived for years 1902~1942, these records are still at the Warsaw USC
(civil records office) and are not available for indexing.

To find out where your Galician town's vital records were registered,
consult Suzan Wynne's book, "The Galitzianers: The Jews of Galicia,
1772-1918," Appendix F.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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If anyone has any information about the families
Zweben, Worcel/Worzel, Graniveter, or Celzar,
please contact me privately.

I am also searching for any information about the towns from
which my family came: Strzeliska Stare, Strzeliska Nowe,
Tuczna, Wojciechowice in the Peremshylany district, and Swirz.

I would love to have any photographs, general history of the
Jewish populations of the towns >from as early as possible until 1928,
location of possible existing visa applications, kehilah records, etc.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Blanche Deutsch

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