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Alexander Sharon


First of all in order to read any digitized collections, a browser plug-in
sotware is required.
If you don't have one, please download it for free, the most popular is the
the DjVu browser.

Radom 1902 Directory >from Logan Kleinkwas collection at:

is titled:

"Nowy informator oraz skorowidz czyli spis nieruchomosci m. Radomia oraz
alfabetyczny wykaz wlascicieli tychze nieruchomosci i wlascicieli
nieruchomosci na przedmiesciach m. polozonych"

which translates as "The new guide (index) of the real estates located
within town Radom and the alphabetical listings of thise real estates and
their owners, and the owners of the real estates located in Radom's suburs"

Directory is located in the City of Radom Public Library website

When page opens, click on the title page picture and in the next window
select content desplay option as: " I have appropriate browser plugin (Let
My browser handle publication's content)"
Click on 'show content' buton, and in the next window click on "Browse
There are 46 images in this Directory (image numbers are displayed in the
upper bar). Click on the the right arrow to view next page (or rater image
No, as every image includes two pages of the Directory

Allow me to guide you through this directory:

Table I that starts on page 5 lists Radom real estates by mortgage
sequiential numbers, showing in columns:
Mortgage No.,
Location ID,
Street name, and
Owner's surname and name

Table II that starts on page 27 to page 30 incl,. covers real estates
incorporated within town Radom but still have motgages listed within the
rural districts

Pages 31 to 46 incl. cover discussion on radom real estates property with
statistical data

Table VI, starting on page 47 lists alphabetically properties owners
surnames/names and corresponding to them Mortgage No.
Having established motgage No, you can now turn back to Tables I and II to
identify property location.

Table VII, starting on on page 71 lists properties owners in Radom suburbs

Best of luck in yours search

Alexander Sahron
Calgary, Ab

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