I am requesting help re Mania Nadel descendants/info #poland


Just recently, I requested and received a copy of an Aliyah Passport
(>from Jewish Historical Institute Warsaw, Poland,
laudergen@...) issued by Poland for my cousin (Zygmunt
Dimant) to immigrate to Palestine, dated 1933. The person who was
helping me, suggested I search the Yad Vashem database for possibly
additional information, which I did. I found testimony by Zygmunt,
yielding some additional information, which I had not seen before. In
addition, there was testimony by Zygmunt for his father, Moritz and
his mother, Regina Magulies Dimant. One testimonial for Regina was
from a cousin of Regina, Mania Nadel.
This entire family is >from the Tarnopol -Lvov - Stanislawow region of

Now here is the challenge. How do I find Mania Nadel or any of her
relatives/descendants? I did find a Mania Nadel (ancestry.com) who
arrived in New York in 1950 at age 34 and died in New York about 2002,
but there weren't any references to relatives. Of note, on same ship
were other Nadels. There was Salomon, probably, Mania's husband;
David and Irene Nadel and two children, Lela age 3 and Helen, age 13
months. David and Irene were 30 and 27 in 1950

My involvement with genealogy and searching databases is only 7 months
old and this challenge has stumped me.

Finding the descendants of Mania Nadel will definitely help me
discover another branch of the family.

So, let me hear it >from all you expert genealogy sleuths out there.
Point me in the right direction, please. I would appreciate even
sliver of help that is offered.

Michael Diamant

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