Re: I am requesting Help #poland


Earlier today I posted a request for help in locating Mania Nadel.
The Moderator on Duty Gesher Galicia Mailing List pointed out that the
Page of Testimony written by Mania Nadel was for a different Regina
Dimant. This Regina Dimant was born 1907, father Heinrich, mother
Tina). According to Zygmunt, his mother (Regina Dimant) was born in
1887 to Moshe and Eva.

The moderator further points out that Mania Nadel lived in Haifa in
1955, when she wrote the POT. The Mania Nadel you found in the Social
Security Death Index lived in Brooklyn in 1955, according to her
naturalization index card on Ancestry.

Based on the above observations, I would like to respectfully withdraw
my request for help. I have to do more homework.

To all those who have responded, I truly appreciate the step-by-step
suggestions which you have offered. Despite my error in assuming I
was looking for the the right person, your responses have given me
much more, ie research tools.


Michael Diamant

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