Reconstructing lost branch from Galicia since WWII but is it in German or Polish #poland

Raanan Wlosko

Names found in a search bureau of the Jewish Agency for Israel
for missing relatives filled by my grandmother about 55 years ago led me to
order 7 birth records >from AGAD Archive.
Three surnames are there for sure: Perl, Adler and Fejer or Feier but I'm
not sure if the records are in Polish or German and what is written in
The scanned record are marked and highlighted
Help in translation is needed.
VM number: 15099, 15100, 15101, 15102, 15103

Thank you for your kind help

Raanan Wlosko
Researching :Redicsh, Tieger, Wlosko, Ostrokulski, =A0Golomb, Perl, Feier,
Ludmer,Wosk, Juran, Adler, Alabaster

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