Re: Lviv Jewish Community records -- on LDS microfilms? #poland

Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

As usual, JRI-Poland has the resource to answer Jim's question. At, you will find a webpage dedicated
to the LDS collection of microfilms of Jewish records >from the Ukraine State
Historical Archive in Lviv. Click on "more detailed inventory" link for
individual film inventories.

Also, check out the JewishGen SIG Lists Archive for Galicia SIG postings
"1941-1942 Lwow Jewish Registration Cards" by Mark Jacobson.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

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The Family History Library Catalogue shows a whole series of 19th century
metrical records of the Jews of Lviv/Lvov/Lemberg, Yet no film numbers.

Do the films exist? Can they be ordered to local FHC's?

Jim Bennett

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