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Alexander Sharon

Shelda Sandler wrote

My grandfather always said he was >from "Tzetziv on the Tzippur River." I
have located the town of Tzetziv (Cecowa) in Tarnopol province in Galicia.
His birth record and those of his immediate family are together with the
records >from Zborow(Tarnopol province). However, the "Tzippur (or some
alternate spelling) River" eludes me. I have scoured maps with no
I am aware that "Tzippur" may be the Yiddish name of the river and/or it
be spelled quite differently >from the way it sounds (example: Cecowa =
Tzetziv). Can anyone locate the "Tzippur" River on a map and tell me
it is?

Name of the river is STRYPA [stree pah], it beats me how it made into

Cecowa is located on the right bank of the river, a short distance
downstream >from Zborow (Zborov).

BTW, Buczacz (Buchach) is also located on the Strypa River.

There is a short English write-up on the river:

and a more elaborate one with the river's waterfall snapshot at Buchach on
the Ukrainian site:

During 1915-1916 (WWI period) Strypa River was a front line between the
Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies .

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