DNA link between Bachrach families #poland

Hank Mishkoff

Those of you who are descended >from either the Bachrach (or Bacharach)
family of Germany or the Bachrach family of eastern Europe might be
interested to learn that DNA evidence indicates that the two rabbinical
Bachrach families are actually the same family.

I would love to explain the DNA testing results in layman's terms --
but I can't, it's all WAY over my head. So if you want more info, you
might want to take a look at the Bacharach DNA Project's website
(http://BacharachDNA.com/), where project administrator Rachel Unkefer
does a considerably better job of explaining it than I could ever hope
to. (Rachel's always looking for more participants to make the data more
robust, BTW, so if you're a Bachrach descendent, I know she'd be thrilled
if you'd sign up to have your DNA tested.) The DNA tests are being
conducted by Family Tree DNA (http://FamilyTreeDNA.com/), which describes
itself as "the world leader in Genetic Genealogy" (and with which I
suspect some of you are already familiar).

(Note that I typically spell Bachrach without the "A" in the middle --
but to save you some frustration, I should point out the project uses
the variation with the middle "A" in its name, as well as in its web

I should mention that I'm not associated with Family Tree DNA or the
Bacharach DNA Project in any way -- but as the great-great-grandson
of Rabbi Arye Leyb Bachrach of Grajewo, I'd like to say hi to all of
my newly discovered cousins in the Bachrach family of Germany.

Hank Mishkoff

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