Re: Court Records for a Murder Trial in Poland in 1973 #galicia

Israel P

Perhaps this was covered in detail by one of the European Hebrew
newspapers of the day, HaMelitz or MaMaggid. Both are on microfilm at
the National Library on Givat Ram and elsewhere.

Israel Pickholtz

Does anyone know where I can find Court Records for a murder
trial that took place in Kolomyya, Poland, in 1873? The murders
occurred on April 11, 1873 in the town of Korolowka which is
located near Kolomyya. This was not a Pogrom. It was a house
invasion led by a disgruntled tavern patron and some of his "goons"
which he brought with him. They murdered my great-grandparents
and three of their children in the middle of the night (possibly after
the first Seder). The murderers were caught and held for trial. The
murders were reported in a Kolomyya newspaper (Russkya Rada,
April 1873). The death records of the five victims are posted on
JRI-Poland. According to the information on these documents, the
murders occurred on the night of April 11, 1873.

Oral history indicates that the murderer(s) was/were sentenced to
be hanged in the town square by order of the Emperor or King.
Oral history also indicates that the hanging was carried out.

How can I document the trial and the execution?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Please respond to me directly at

Stan Sandler

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