Re: Researcher in ATHENS Greece for name BRITZMAN #poland

B S Britzman <bsb2007@...>

Hello Listers,

I have been trying without luck to find my great grandfather Daniel

His son Herman - my paternal grandfather - was born in Athens Greece circa
1860. I have been told that Turkish invaders destroyed many records of that
time. In spite of that do any listers have experience of research of Greek
records. Is the tale of Destruction true?

Are there any researchers in Athens listers could recommend?

Researching :
DANIEL BRITZMAN Manufacturer of Vinegar. 1820/30 Died prior to 1904.
HERMAN ERNST BRITZMAN Tailor. London 1860 - 1913

I have fragments of sometimes conflicting anecdotal evidence that
DANIEL BRITZMAN and his son HERMAN ERNST were Polish, German & Yiddish
speaking. There were BRICMANS in ZWICKY who were wiped out in the Holocaust
and 70 plus listed in Yad Vashem but no identification.

Best wishes

Barry S Britzman

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