FW: Radom Shtetlink Additions #poland

Susan Weinberg

I just returned >from a trip to Radom, Poland and did research in the
archives while there. I found a number of documents on the Jewish
community that list names and have posted them on the Shtetlink site.

The best discovery was a list of patronymics and the surnames Jews
assumed in 1822/23. This provides a very useful key for working further
back into patronymic records. There is also a list of synagogue members
for Radom and surrounding areas typed in Polish and Russian >from 1884.
I've added information on photos by surname that are held at the Jewish
Historical Institute genealogy office in Warsaw.

Over the next several weeks I will be posting pictures of former Jewish
sites that I got >from local high school students as well as my own.
You can find a note on what is new on the home page so please check it
periodically for information that may be helpful to you..

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota

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