Update from Nowy Dwor Poland Cemetery Restoration Project #poland

Alan K'necht <alan@...>

For those of you researching the area just north of Warsaw this will be
of great interest.

As previously mentioned we have a project to preserve and restore the
cemetery in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.

The first phase of the project was started a couple of weeks ago (June
7) which was to build a fence around the entire property to protect it
from squatters, vandals and simply inappropriate use.
The city of Nowy Dwor is behind this project and in a show of support
for it they dug up 28 more Matzevots >from beneath a side walk (of the
hundreds buried throughout the town) . These 28 combined with the ones
they discovered a year ago bring the total recovered to 40+. The great
news, is since the project leader was in Nowy Dwor at the time he was
able to take photographs of the newly recovered matzevots. We've posted
them on our Facebook page along with partial translation of the
inscriptions. While most of the stones are in Hebrew several are also in
Yiddish and give us various insight into the people.

The stones recovered range >from the mid 1800's to late 1930's. Several
matzevots for women also include information on their husbands family.

I suggest anyone researching this area which includes the towns of
Plocks and Zacroym take a look at the pictures and people did inter
marry between these town.

Link to Facebook page:
Link to Project website: http://www.nowydworjewishmemorial.com/

Some of the names on the recent Matzevots (note spelling is subjective
and may not be accurate)
Gitel Sigalowicz
Sara Mindel
Etke Segal
Asher Melman
Etke Lea Trachimowski
Szmuel Itzchak Perelmuter
Bluma Grabman
Szmuel Baruch Wainsztok
Hana Lea Geszanwe
Hana Finkelsztejn
Lea Zirberthal
Hana Zelda Ackman
Abraham Baruch Bernsztejn
Fajga Rivka Kronenberg
Miriam Gitel Karcerowicz
Hana Edel Magid
Itzchak Baruch Gryner
Hersz Bronsztejn
Perla Haidenberg
Miriam Yona Szklanka
Briandel Rotsztejn
Ruchama Rachel Domb

All help in completing the translation of the the Matzevots is also

Alan K'necht

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