More Holocaust memorial photos from Poland #poland

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

You can now find new Holocaust memorial photos within the Museum's "World
Holocaust Memorials" exhibition that associated with the following locations
in Poland: Deblin, Kielce, Kozienice, Krakow, Lodz, Opole, Piotrkow
Trybunalski, Przemysl, Radomsko, Rzeszow, Sochaczew, Tarnow, Warszawa and
Wrzesnia. In all, forty-seven cities and towns in today's Poland are
represented within this exhibition. Poland is the country (outside the U.S.
of course) most represented within this exhibition, as is the case
throughout the Museum.

The link to the Poland page is
The link to the entire exhibition is

More such photos >from Europe are always welcome, as are photos of
synagogues, Jewish families (photos taken before WWII), DP camp photos,
eyewitness testimonies, etc.

Steven Lasky

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