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chaim meiersdorf

I received this document >from the Pultusk archives. It the marriage
certificate of my great grandfather.

A young Russian boy tried helping me but parts of his translation are not
completely clear. I would appreciate if anyone could help straightening
out the translation.

I am posting his translation

It has been in the city of Pultusk 14? 26 April year 1887 5:00 in the
afternoon. Went Ravin of Pultusk Bojnichmy district Zundel Prodzensky
with witnesses: Mordeci Borukh Rosenblyum 56 years >from birth, which lives
in the city Pultusk.
And he said to the witness that yesterday number in 9:00pm there was
done a religious marriage union between Abram Gershon Tsibelman single
19 years old born and lives in the village of Govorovo with his parents.
He is the son of Itzka and Libi with her suname Tsibelman ? and Rudoyn
Pokorska married. She was 18 years old was born and lived in the city
Pultusk with her mother Bini Rucheli. Her father Wolf died and she lived
with mother whose last name was Tikulsky. The couple (Wolf and Bini Ruchla)
were called Pokorska. (The marriage of Abraham Gershon to Ruda) has been 3
roots? 21,28 March and 4 April this year. It was published in Govoroveskoy
and Pultuskoy.

Thank you for help
Chaim Meiersdorf

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