Six more interesting films by Tomek Wisniewski #poland

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

You can now view six new short films created >from old photographs and film
clips, both past and present, by Bialystok, Poland native Tomek Wisniewski.

The film titles include:
--Bialystok Cemetery: Painted Gravestone (Bialystok)
--The Fourth Petition of Poland: Bialystok Brest 1939 (Bialystok)
--Lodz Litzmanstadt 1939 (Lodz)
--Szczuczyn Kolno Wizna Lomza 1939 (Lomza)
--The Old Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa Street 1942 (Warsaw)
--Snapshots of Jewish Warsaw 1939-1942 (Warsaw)

You can find links to these six films of Tomek's (along with links to
fifty-one of his other films) at The films and links on this
page are listed according to the name of the town/city associated with the
particular film.

Steven Lasky

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