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Stephen Weinstein

JRI-Poland's Frequently Asked Questions says:

<< How Do I Obtain Records 100 Years Old or Less?

Civil records 100 years old or less are held in the Civil Records
Office of each town. The name of these repositories is "Urzad Stanu
Cywilnego", abbreviated "USC."

For more information about records in Poland, click on Warren Blatt's
excellent description of Vital Records at >>

Stephen Weinstein

From: Nicolas Trokiner <trokiner@...>
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Sent: Wed, August 11, 2010 4:13:08 AM
Subject: [jri-pl] Records less than 100 years


My great-great-grandfather died in Warsaw in 1917. Has anyone experienced
getting a death record less than 100 years? Maybe some professional can
access to these records?

Thanks for your help

Nicolas Trokiner
Paris- France
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