Assistance in translation - BROFENBRENER of Szczebrzeszyn, Zamosc, Poland #poland

Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

Dear siggers,

Thanks to assistance on Viewmate, I have been able to open-up 2 new
maternal lines in my family tree!

I have just gotten a new batch of photocopies of LDS records >from Beit
Hatfuzot here in Israel.

All documents except one are in Polish. All of them are in or around
Szczebrzeszyn, Zamosc area.

I am looking for any details about the relations - parents, children
and spouses - dates, addresses, ages and occupations.
Nothing about witnesses and the date of the event itself, of course..

I posted the following on ViewMate and would love any assistance:

Death registration of=A0BROFENBRENER Fajga Ruchla:

Death registration of BROFENBRENER Mordko:

Death registration of BRONFAYBRENER Isar:

Death registration of BRONFAYBRENER Fayga Ruchla:

Marriage registration of BRONTFAJNBRENER Iser & MINC Chaja Malka?:

Please reply privately. Many thanks in advance,
Tamar Amit

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