A follow-up on ShoahConnect.org... #poland

Philip Trauring

I posted a few days ago about ShoahConnect.org. I received a number of
e-mails about my posting, some thanking me for having spurred them to
find relatives in the Yad Vashem database, but others were by people who
had trouble using the site. While I'm not associated at all with
ShoahConnect.org, I wanted to follow up my posting with some more
specific instructions in case others are having trouble.

I wanted to add that since I posted this a few days ago nearly 50 new
members have joined ShoahConnect and added nearly 500 new connections.
Not bad for a few days. As the usefulness of this site is largely
determined by the amount of people using it, I would recommend that
everyone reading this post about it in their local genealogy lists about
it, and promote it. If my post on three lists can get 50 new members and
500 association in a few days, imagine what would happen if everyone
promoted it. I would especially ask those who are on Israeli lists in
Hebrew to post about it, since so many Pages of Testimony were submitted
by Israelis, and in order to reach them or their descendants, it would
seem like a good idea to attract as many Israelis onto the site as
possible. The site has a Hebrew interface, as well as interfaces in
Russian, Spanish, Polish, Danish and Portuguese. If you're on a
genealogy list that is in any of those languages, it would also be good
to promote it in those languages.

I also want to add that some people mentioned that they searched Yad
Vashem and didn't find any of their relatives, even though they were
known to have perished in the Holocaust. I have two answers for this -
the first is that you should definitely make use of the Advanced Search
feature on the Yad Vashem site, and try different kinds of searches,
including by town name. The Yad Vashem search can be very powerful, but
it can also miss people if the spelling of the name is transcribed
sufficiently differently than you think it would be spelled. The second
answer is that if you know for sure your relative was killed in the
Holocaust, and there is no Page of Testimony on the Yad Vashem site,
then you should submit a page to the site, and then you can link to the
page you submitted. You can find out about submitting Pages of Testimony
on the Yad Vashem site here:


Once you find a Page of Testimony you want to connect to, here is how
ShoahConnect.org works. You start by installing the Google Toolbar (on
IE for Windows, or Firefox for Mac, Windows or Linux). If you already
have the Google Toolbar installed, go to:


and it will show you a button that looks like a C. Drag the C button
into the Google Toolbar. The C should now permanently be in the Google
Toolbar. Now when you go to the Page of Testimony you want to link to,
you press the C button to connect to that page. If you don't have the
Google Toolbar installed yet, clicking the above link should present you
with the option to install it. Once it's installed click the link again
to show the C button and drag it to the Toolbar.

When you press the C button, you are taken to a page on the
ShoahConnect.org site. If it's your first time using it, it will let you
set up an account. After the first time it will just ask you about
linking to that Page. You can later go to the ShoahConnect.org site and
log in to see the list of Pages you have connected to, and to add some
short notes to each one if you want.

Philip Trauring

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