18th century census of Poland, especially Bialystok #poland


I was wondering if anyone has every had any success finding the
18th century censuses for Bialystok and environs. I know that
the remains of this census only exist for very particular regions,
but I am not 100% which ones, so I thought I'd ask.

I am interested in Bialystok, since it would seem that my ancestor,
Rabbi Reuven Halpern, was born in Bialystok in the early to
mid 1700's, probably lived there for a bit into adulthood, and
then moved to Glowno to become the Av Beit Din there (he died there
in 1816, and his kids seemed to have been born around 1790, and ended
up settling in nearby Piatek).

I thought he might show up in the Bialystok census. He does not
show up in the Piatek census (this one exists).
I am especially interested in finding out the name of Reuven's
father and his wife. Both may help me figure out how he relates to
Jehiel Heilperin, the Seder hadorot, and Rabbi of Minsk (he claimed
to be a direct descendant, but never gave details).

Steven Bloom

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