Zyrardow Exhibition #poland

Robyn Dryen

I have just returned >from a memorable visit to Poland. This time to
attend the opening of an exhibition about the lives of the Jewish
community in Zyrardow at the Muzeum Mazowsza Zachodniego W
Zyrardowie. It is a fabulous exhibition with a catalogue in both
English and Polish and will remain on display until December. Curator
Justyna Zac has gathered a wonderful assemblage of family histories,
cultural artifacts (many on loan >from the Jewish Historical Institute
in Warsaw), and artwork by Jewish artists of the region.

If you have connections to Zyrardow, Wiskitki, Sochaczew, Grodzisk,
Mszczonow or any of the surrounding shtetls I heartily recommend a
visit. The museum's website is

Robyn Dryen

Researching: INDYK (Wiskitki, Zyrardow, Sochaczew), KRUPA (Lowicz,
Grabow), DRUK(I)ER (Piatek)

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