Assistance in translation - WAGNER of Lublin/Zamosc area #poland

Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

I ask you again to assist with new document copies.
Documents are in Polish (except one in Cyrillic) and all of them are
in the Lublin Province.

I posted the following on ViewMate and would love any assistance with
exact dates, names of parents, occupations, ages, where they came
from, if they were still alive at the time, other relatives etc. -

[Polish] Marriage registration of WAGNER Brucha & MELMAN Szaul
registered in Piaski Luterskie:

[Polish] Marriage registration of WAGNER Lejba & GOLDGEWICHT Sura-Laja
registered in Chelm:

[Polish] Marriage registration of WAGNERMAN Zelman Hersz & MELMAN
Estera registered in Krasnik:

[Cyrillic] Birth registration of WAGNER Dwojra registered in Bilgoraj:

[Polish] Birth registration of WAGNER Frejda registered in Turobin:

Please reply privately (tamar.amit at
Many thanks in advance,
Tamar Amit

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