Re: Seeking info re my ggm's time . Girls schools in Warsaw #poland

Alexander Sharon

Nicole Berline wrote:

In the 1913/1914 Warsaw Business Directory
which you can reach with Logan Kleinwaks search engine
there is a list of schools for girls ( 7 kl) with their adresses.
Zakady naukoweskie w Warszawie.
I do not know what was a 7 Kl school in 1913 Warsaw.
Could one of our senior polish researchers tell us ?
Mikhail Matusov wrote,

Thanks to the help of Nicole Berlin I was able to locate addresses
where I believe the family of my grandmother lived in Warsaw between
1909 and 1915. The main address was Nalewki 20, and there is another
address on Rybaki 2, where I believe one of grandmother's brothers
stayed. I understand that Nalewki was later in the middle of the
Warsaw getto. I was wondering if there is a chance that any original
buildings survived? Also, is there any information on schools in that
area at that time? My grandmother was 7 years old when they moved to
Warsaw and I know that she attended some school there. I would like to
be able to locate possible schools...
Nicole and Mikhail,

List shown in Nicole link refers to the equivalent of the modern "high"
schooling system.
The header reads in translation:

Learning Female institutions in Warsaw and subject is subdivided into two

1. Government schools which lists Empress Maria's Alexander Institute, four
gymnasia (I to IV) and one "progimnasia".
2. This category identifies 26 private high schools, named after the school

7 grades private schools identifies number of years taught in the school
(following preparatory or elementary school initial schooling years). Some
schools were known as "8 graders" as this was number of years taught in
"real" or scientific type of gymnasium.

As to Mikhail question is any of the original biuldings of the school in
Nalewk have survived.
I suggets that Mikhail should see movie "Pianist" by Roman Polanski to
figure out if anything at all survived >from The Warsaw Ghetto.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab, Canada

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