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Alexander Sharon

Joan Abramson wrote:

I recently received some very valuable information about the
transportation to Auschwitz of a young cousin who survived the
Holocaust. The information was laboriously extracted by a Polish
speaker >from a book called "Polscy Zydzi w KL Auschwitz - listy
imienne" - English: Polish Jews in KL Auschwitz - personal list.

The book was in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. I have
checked the U.S. Holocaust Museum library catalog and I believe
there is a a copy of the same book there, as well as others list
of Auschwitz prisoners.

The book "Polscy Zydzi w KL Auschwitz" lists names of
thousands of Jews transported, in chronological order, on the
date of their arrival in Auschwitz. For example, the listing that
covers my cousin reads, in translation, "On August 22, 1944 a
train transport of 40 carriages of Jews >from Lodz Ghetto arrived.
After the selection the following 64 men had been admitted to
the camp." A second entry, many pages later, reads: "B-81718
Frydman Jerzy, born 5 January 1925 in Lodz. Liberated in Bergen

I could not located this same information in the Jewishgen
Holocaust data base.

My question is: Has any of this information been digitized and
indexed? And if not, is there a plan to do so?


I have a copy of this book. It was published by Jewish Historical
Institute, Warsaw in 2004, edited by Stanislaw Maczka. Original
title: Zydzi polscy w KL Auschwitz wykazy imienne" and it also
exhibits an English title "Polish Jews in KL Auschwitz name lists".

The book lists 17,949 names of Polish Jews registered in the
survived documentation of prisoners of KL Auschwitz.

To my best knowledge, the book was not digitized, and there is
no particular reason for digitization since a CD is attached to
the book and surnames/names can be easily located. The list
provides very basic information: surname/name, date of births,
date of death or note of liberation, or date of evacuation to
other KL Buchenwald, Gross-Rosen, Ravensbruck.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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