SZTARK, GELBARD and more, from Poland to Antwerp. #poland


Jackie Schwarz kindly brought to our attention the Antwerp Police
immigration index which is accessible in

This reminded me about some photos that I have found in a third cousin's
photo album, all >from pre Holocaust Antwerp, Belgium.
Most of them came to Antwerp >from Poland:
SZTARK >from Przysucha, Skrzynno and Lodz, Poland; (after the Holocaust
some lived in Melbourne Australia and in Israel).

GELBARD / GELBART, >from Opoczno, >from Przysucha and >from Lodz, all in
ZYLBERBERG (unknown origin)
GUTMAN >from Warsaw.
GELFENSTEIN >from "Haro Ushikza" (?) (Urochishche?)
WIELGOLASKI >from "Ulawa" (?)
HOCHMAN >from Ostrowiec.

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me.

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

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