Re: Is Additional Information Found in Archives That's Not Found in Tarnow PSA Records? #galicia

Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

The data we have for Tarnow is >from three main sources:

1) LDS microfilms of vital records, approx 1808 - 1860, transcribed by
our volunteer group,
2) PSA indices of vital records, mostly 1870's - 1905,
3) PSA indices of School records, various years.

The specific record set you are referencing is the second group. For
this set the parents' names are usually available in the actual records.
The indices for these records were created by the Polish State Archives
(PSA) for JRI-Poland using the contributions we received >from many

Since we did not have direct access to the actual records I cannot say
that all records have this additional information, but I can tell you
that the PSA did not enter any of this extra information in the indices
they generated for us for any of the years prior to 1900, but they did
enter it >from that year forward. This was the case for Births, Deaths &
Marriages. For those years, out of almost 2200 Births there are only 3
without the mother's name. Records that I have personally ordered always
contained parents' information. These records are all in tabular form -
there are no long paragraph style entries, so it is not difficult to
read them.

We would, of course, like to add the extra information to the indices of
the years before 1900. When the mother's maiden name is present it
results in more connections being found in your search results for a
specific surname. Future contributions may allow us to add this

Howard Fink
Tarnow Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

On Jan 26, 2011, Linda Shefler wrote:

Most of these specific records found in JRI Poland do not list the
names of parents (I am looking specifically for HANDGRIFF). Does that
mean that the parent's names are not included with the original
records as well, or does it mean that I would need to send to the
Archive to get that information? I am asking because in a few cases
the parent's names are mentioned.

Tarnow PSA B 1850,54,56,58,59,62-67,70-97,1900-04 MD 1877-1904
Krakow Wojewodztwa / Krakow Province
(records in Fond 276 in Krakow Archive Tarnow Branch)

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