Re: Is Additional Information Found in Archives That's Not Found in Tarnow PSA Records? #galicia

Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

Dear Linda:

Although I am not familiar with the Tarnow records, I am familiar with
Galician vital records >from many other towns.

First you need to split these records into two categories -- those before
1877 and those starting in 1877. Before 1877, there were no government
regulations that standardized what was to be captured on Jewish vital
records. In 1877 and thereafter, the fields required in vital records were
standardized. JRI-Poland provides some examples of the column headings at

Before 1877, there was no consistency, but we know there was less
information than in later records. For births, most records included the
father's full name and the mother's given name. Sometimes records also
included the given name of the father's father and/or mother's father. For
marriages, the parents of the bride and groom are usually shown although not
the mother's maiden name. For death's, only for children was a parent's name
usually recorded.

Starting in 1877, birth records included the names of the mother's parents,
but not the father's parents. Marriages recorded the parents of both the
bride and groom, including the maiden name of the mother. And deaths again
did not record parent's names except for the death of children.

Since there was no consistency in recording of names, obtaining examples
from other researchers for the type of record and the year of your interest
is the best way to find out exactly what was recorded. All the examples I
provide are the usual content based on my years of experience with Galician
records as an Archive Coordinator for JRI-Poland.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Most of these specific records found in JRI Poland do not list the
names of parents (I am looking specifically for HANDGRIFF). Does that
mean that the parent's names are not included with the original
records as well, or does it mean that I would need to send to the
Archive to get that information? I am asking because in a few cases
the parent's names are mentioned.

Tarnow PSA B 1850,54,56,58,59,62-67,70-97,1900-04 MD 1877-1904
Krakow Wojewodztwa / Krakow Province
(records in Fond 276 in Krakow Archive Tarnow Branch)

As always, many thanks for your help.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod Ha Sharon

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The JRI-Poland database contains indices to records,
not the records themselves. The indices vary in the amount of information
they contain.

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