Please assist with birth certificate translation #poland

Andrea Dechter


I received >from JRI Poland/AGAD, the birth certificate of my paternal
grandfather, Zelig Feuerman >from Kolomea. The birth certificate appears
on the following 2 viewmate posts. On page 1 of the birth certificate,
you will see that Zelig is the second entry. On page 2, he is the only

I am not sure of the language that this is written in (Polish?
Hungarian?) I would greatly appreciate a translation of the headers 1-6
(page 1) and 7-12 (page 2) as well as the handwritten information. I'm
hopeful that this information will take me to the next step of my
family search.

I am again thankful to all of you genners who are always so generous
with your time and knowledge.

Andrea Dechter
Coral Springs, FL

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