Re: Busk, Poland, Kamionka Strumilowa region. research help needed #poland

Joseph Hirschfield

There are at least two Holocaust books that should be of value to you.
One is "Life Death Memories by Busk resident and Holocaust survivor,
Thomas T. HECHT. He may even be your relative. Some of the other
Hechts cited in the book are his parents Tobias and Klara Hecht and
his Uncle Moiszaly. The latter may even be the Moshe Hecht you mention.

The other book is the greatly depressing but invaluable "The Holocaust by
Bullets" by Father Patrick Desbois. One of the chapters is of wartime
events in the city of Busk. You will learn the grisly details of the
fate of the Jews who remained in Busk.

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI
Skwarzawa, Sielec Bienkow, Jaryczow Nowy-GALICIA

From: Daniel Hecht Hargitai

I am told that there are very few surviving records for Busk, Poland
(Now Ukraine). I am looking for people who may be able to help me find
what's left.

I have found a record of a 1922 Census >from another researcher that is
not published. In it my great grandfatheris found Markus HECHT, a melamed.
In the Busk Yizkor book there is a Moshe HECHT who is also a melamed,
I'm assuming this is the same family.

I am looking for any records for HECHT or ROTTENBERG >from Busk. I am
not necessarily looking for vital records, anything really.

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