Search family Gutzac #poland


Dear all,
I started in genealogy since four months.
Almost all my family "Gutzac" was born in Warsaw.
I search all information about the family "Gutzac.
I looked at JRI Poland database, but I found nothing.

My grandfather Gutzac Kelman was born in 1891.
My grandmother was born Sarah Gickin (I am not sure of the exact spelling)
was born in 1897 or 1901.

My mother is Rachel Gutzac born 1921 in Warsaw, died in France in 1953.
My uncle Gutzac Aron was born in 1924 in Warsaw, died in the camps.
My aunt Gutzac Gila was born in 1932 in Warsaw, died of illness in France
in 1941.

I ask for your help.
Can anyone tell me which way I ought to take.
I confess I am lost.

Thank you in advance.

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