which embassy to visit in DC - Polish or Ukrainian #poland

Dalya Dektor

I am planning a trip next summer to ancestral towns which today are in the
Ukraine. Balta was always in the Ukraine, but Berzhany, Tarnipol,
Ivano-Frankivsk were in Poland (Galicia) and now are in the Ukraine.

I am trying to determine which embassy to visit - I don't want to go to
both, not enough time in the week at the conference to do everything.

I did sign up for Ukrainian embassy, but am know wondering if I would get
more information if I go to the Polish embassy. Information regarding
archives, travel tips etc.

Where do you think I would be better off spending my time?

Dalya Dektor
Camarillo, CA, USA
AST, WEINTRAUB, BREITFELD Berezhany, Tarnipol, Ivano-Frankivsk Ukr

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