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Alexander Sharon


Zablotow is currently known as Zabolotiv, Western Ukraine at 4828 2517. This
Jewish community was located within Sniatyn district in Stanislawow

"Brezovica" - most probably Berezhnitsa (ex Bereznica) located at 4817 2522,
some 15 miles distance >from Zabolotiv.

Alexander Sharon
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So in May I went to visit Vienna and had the opportunity to visit the Jewish
Archives. While there I found out about two additional towns that I am
curious about.

1. Brezovica (spelling?) - Apparently my maternal grandfather's paternal
grandfather Michael Rothstein was >from that town however I can't seem to
find anything about it on any database. The only instance I have found is
on Wikipedia it lists it as a town in Kosovo.
So out of curiosity is anyone looking for Rothstein's >from that town as
well as Tarnopol. Is there some connection between the two towns?
Does it have a different name now?

2. Zablotow (spelling?) - This one might be a little easier mostly I was
just wondering if anyone was reasearching Tillinger's >from this area that
would have moved to Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk. JGFF doesn't have anyone
listed for this name/town combination so I figured I'd ask. Apparently my
2nd great grandfather Aron Moshe Tillinger was >from this town and not from
Stanislawow where his children were born.
Aron supposedly had either 15 brothers or 15 uncles and the JRI-Poland
database doesn't give me much to go on.

Thanks in advance, and please feel free to respond privately.
-Steve Jaron

KROCHMAL - Tarnopol (Possibly other towns if I can ever prove my connection
to Nachman Krochmal...) GOLDBRUM - Tarnopol ROTHSTEIN - Brezovica, Tarnopol,
Vienna, New York ZUCKER - Tarnopol TILLINGER - Zablotow, Stanislawow, Vienna
WOLF/WAX/MOSSLER/MESSLER - Kolomyya, Stanislawow Other surnames in the
following countries/towns available upon request
- Netherlands, Duisburg Germany

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