Family tree on the gravestone #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hi everybody,

We are working now on Reni Jewish Cemetery (it will ready soon), and one
grave caught my attention and I want to share with you. It has a lot of
genealogy on it, it is like a family tree on the grave. It is even has a
name of a person to erected this stone. Town Reni is located in southern
part of Bessarabia, and now is part of Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. The town is
on the Danube River. Yes, the same Danube you see in Vienna and Budapest.

KHASKELEVICH Nesya, died 1930

Wife of Merchant of 1st Gild, town of Reni,
had 7 children: Iosif - Doctor; Roza - Teacher, Shlema - died in WW1; Itsyk,
Velvel, Sarra; Gersh perished in 1941.
from grandson SRULEVICH B. Ya.
That cemetery is a bit different >from others. First of all, there are many
inscriptions written in Romanian, usually we have in Hebrew and/or in
Russian. It is possible that this is because of the town is on the border,
and some people came >from the other side and did not know Russian.

Also about half of the gravestones do not have inscriptions or we were not
able to decipher them. We still have about 270 tombstones where we have the
names and many cases dates.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions.

Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

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