Fate of Lazer GENN? #bessarabia

Susan Berson <bersons2@...>

Do you have any suggestions on how to find out what happened to my great-uncle Eliezer/Lazer Genn,
born c. 1866, originally >from Skver or Shpikov, Ukraine, (father's name was Chaim Genn), later living
in Kishinev/Chisinau, Romania? I believe he was the only one in his family who lived in Kishinev. I
have a copy of an undated letter in which his sister, my grandmother, writes to a consulate offering
to sponsor him in the U.S. Apparently, she was not successful. I understand there were mass
deportations in 1940-41. Lazar would have been approx. 75 years old in 1941. Are there records to
check names >from camps or mass graves near Kishinev/Chisinau? I would like to find out anything
about his life in Kishinev and/or his fate in connection with the war.

Susan Berson
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