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Marcel Apsel

Genia is a Russian way of saying Henia. Most names with an H are pronounced
as a G in Russian.

Examples are Herman versus German, Gurevitch versus Horowitz; Kahan versus
Kagan, even typical English names as Harry have a Russian variant such as
Gary, Garrik and other variants. Other names are Geller versus Heller etc.

I realized this years ago in the 1970s when I spoke to a refusenik who spoke
to me in Yiddish and mentioned to me a country named Golland; it took me
some time to realize he meant Holland.

It does not mean that every name with a G in Russian can automatically be
changed to an H in non Russian names. If you aware about it, than it is
possible to evaluate every case separately.

Marcel Apsel
Antwerpen, Belgium

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Elissa Haden wrote:

Does anyone know what the English equivalent of the name Genja would be?

Name derives >from the Latin Eugenia.
Some folks have adopted names such as Gina, Jenna or Jenny

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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