New features added to the All Galicia Database -- geographic searching and results sorting #poland

Asparagirl <asparagirl@...>

Gesher Galicia is happy to announce that we've added two new features
to the All Galicia Database, located at

The first of them is the ability to do searches based on geographical
location. Now you can limit your searches to records that come from
within a given number of kilometers >from a list of major Galician
towns. So, for example, you can now search the database for everyone
with the surname "Cohen" who lived within 15 km of Lviv (Lwow), or
everyone with the given name "Rifka" who lived within 75 km of
Nadvirna (Nadworna), and so on.

The second new feature is the ability to sort your search results by
different criteria. Now you can get your results sorted by year and
then by record type (birth, marriage, death, landsmanschaften, etc.),
or sorted first by record type and then by year, and so on.

Both of these new features are optional. They can be used in
conjunction with each other or with the other existing database
features, such as the sidebar facets for record year, record
repository, record source, record type, etc.

To be clear, there were no new records added to the AGD with this
update -- only the addition of new functionality. Our next update,
tentatively scheduled for November, will have a few new data sets
added. And as previously announced, our next major new feature, which
is still being worked on, will be the addition of Beider-Morse
Phonetic Matching sometime in the next few months. In the meantime,
we urge the use of our wildcard searches (using the asterisk
character), so that a search on the surname "SCHW*Z" will bring up
results for SCHWARTZ and SCHWARZ and SCHWANZ, etc.

Again, the All Galicia Database is located at and is entirely free to use. You can
click the little social media buttons at the top of the webpage to
easily share its existence with friends and family using Facebook,
Google Plus, and/or Twitter.

Happy searching!

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Los Angeles, California

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